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Your talented staff bring their expertise to teaching and learning.

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We bring the platform, integrations, automations, and customizations.

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Together we build a learning platform that lays the foundation for all students to succeed!

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  Reliable Software Hosting with Non-Profit Benefits

We love teaching and learning! We are here to help you, not take your every penny. We have a hosting plan for each learning environment; even a single classroom. Bundle it with a training program for even more value added benefits.
If you are tired of reinventing the wheel, let us do the heavy lifting saving you time and money.

Hosting Packages

 Years of Experience and Teachers to Boot

Need a little help? Our staff has been with Moodle from the start, not only using but teaching with Moodle. Become part of our learning community and choose your method of training and support. We have options for learning at your own pace in online courses, tips and tricks newsletters, or on-site instructor-led training. We are a full service provider.

Training and Support

 Online Learning Communication Nexus

Looking for a place to have students, parents and teachers collaborate? Seamlessly integrate online learning into a complete school information system with a Joomla-Moodle portal.

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 SIS - LMS Integration Services

Want to start using an Learning Management System, but don't have the time to populate all the courses, users, and activities? Check out our SIS - LMS Integration services to get your online learning environment up and running in about a day.

Integration Documentation

 LMS Experts Galore

Looking for ideas and best practice applications? Join a thriving community of online learning and Moodle experts. Our online educators' user group has the answers you're looking for and valuable expertise.

LMS Learning Community

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Connect to our Moodle course repository to find ready-to-use courses designed by Teachers like you.

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